We've met not in the best place to start a marvelous design path: KNUTD College. We were 14 and 15 years old. We accidentally sat down at the same desk and since that moment became a creative couple (how cinematographic, huh).

We talked a lot about design, art, and first life experiences, drew illustrations, made collages, earned our first money, got our first jobs, walked around Kyiv at night, and accidentally grew up together. Once, after lessons, Danya made a tattoo for Vika. We wanted to do it in the college auditorium, but surprisingly no one allowed us to. That's why it ended up in McDonald's at the nearest metro station.

us in workshop

Well, sorry, let's get back to business after this tiny romantic overview.

Previously we worked mainly in creative agencies. But Danya also kept working at the School of Urban Planning. He says that if he was smarter, he would become an architect. And Vika worked not only as a designer but also as an art director. That influenced her passion for filming and coming up with conceptual images.

We did both, big commercial projects and important social ones. Many of them have brought well-known international awards. By the way, about the awards: Once we've decided to participate in the Young Lions competition. To be more exact, once Danya ran into Vika with a straightforward offer:

— Look, there is an option to participate in Young Lions. It's only an offer. But in case you want to, we can break into Cannes and fuck everyone up there.

Somehow, that's what we've done, won the competition smoothly. Except for breaking into Cannes because of COVID.

Our next step happened on the 6th of February 2022, which was a casual friend meeting, discussing plans, dreams, and fears, and talking about the future. Somehow we found a name for our dream studio — Dviyka. It's 2 because it's only two of us, as well as there is always more than one point of view, and because 2 is the mark you get at school when you don't follow stupid rules. Well, we don't.

What happened next you probably know. Russia attacked Ukraine and the full-scale war started. Obviously, there were a lot of thoughts like "Who the hell needs design, when the world around is on fire, and people are being killed?". But at the same time, we thought and realized a lot of senses about our jobs and lives. 

We've decided to start Dviyka Studio in the middle of the full-scale war in our country. Crazy? Definitely. But we were led by the typical Ukrainian desire to be free and to create something beautiful and alive instead of chaos and death around.

And well, if you are here, and read this whole dramatic novel about Dviyka, let us introduce ourselves: here we are, just the two of us, Vika and Danya. Design studio Dviyka. How about creating something unexpected?