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In February 2022, Russia initiated a full-scale war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army, facing a shortage of ammunition and equipment, is fighting for our freedom. Volunteers and ordinary people are helping fill this shortage. Fundraising has long become a common part of our lives. We see them on television, various websites, and social networks, ranging from small collections for medical supplies to large fundraisers for military equipment.


Brand identity
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before and after

However, one fundraiser changed the rules of the game. Daria Chervona, Alisa Mezhenska, and Maria Romanova came up with the idea that instead of one large fundraiser, each person could contribute with a smaller one. To raise money for drones for the legendary AZOV Brigade they created personalized images that people shared on their social networks, encouraging friends to donate to them. Initially planning to raise 5 million, the idea worked so well that they engaged 500 people instead of 100, and instead of 5 million, they managed to raise 33 million. Most importantly, they introduced an entirely new format for fundraising.

design variations
card types

In the second round of fundraising, the stakes increased. This time, the team aimed to raise 77.7 million hryvnias to buy five M113 (armored personnel carriers). To achieve this, it was necessary to involve more people and attract companies and businesses. For this purpose, we created a flexible design system in which each card differed slightly from the previous one in terms of layout. We also introduced the possibility of conducting team fundraisers, joining other people's teams, and collecting smaller amounts.

mentor's team
Warriors of Azov
team of Warriors of Azov

We designed unique cards for influencers and soldiers. There were also separate cards for pets and children, limited edition cards for Christmas, and infinite and fatality cards towards the end of the fundraise. To extend the reach beyond Instagram, we created stickers that could be posted around the city or applied to one's phone.

money collected

Creative direction: Vika Moskofidi, Danya Nesterevych
Design: Vika Moskofidi, Danya Nesterevych, Sima Shpin

Co-founder: Daria Chervona, Alisa Mezhenska, Maria Romanova
Design: Nikita Lisovyi, Maryna Oleinyk, Mykhailo Sodoma, Yuliia Klymenko, Serhii Dobrorez, Mariia Kuzmenko
Token design: Serhii Dobrorez

Special thanks to
Kyiv Type Foundry
Maksym Kobuzan for font licenses.